New Cashback incentive for borrowers launched - InvestGrow Financial Services

New Cashback incentive for borrowers launched

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering borrowers up to £3,000 cashback on loan applications of £150k and above. These are available on Standard BTLs HMOs up to 10 bedrooms MUFBs up to 10 units Holiday Lets These are available to private individuals, Trading Limited Companies, SPVs and LLPs. The cash backs […]

Build your property portfolio in 2022 - InvestGrow Financial Services

Build your property portfolio in 2022

If you have dreams of building a property portfolio or have already established yourself and wish to expand, then finance will be at the top of your list in this exciting and profitable business opportunity, and thankfully there are many different funding options available for property development that are worth exploring. While there are many […]

The effect on business by pending lockdowns - InvestGrow Financial Services

The effect on business by pending lockdowns

Although we remain cautiously optimistic for 2022, the worry and threat of another lockdown never seems far away. Whilst the vaccine has given us hope for a return to some normality, the impact of Covid-19 on our economy still offers serious financial implications of future nationwide lockdowns and operational restrictions. The effect on businesses by […]

Microsoft license due to increase - how to reduce the hit - InvestGrow Financial Services

Microsoft license due to increase – how to reduce the hit

Microsoft has announced an increase for its Office 365 and Microsoft 365 services. The price increases will affect commercial and business users of Microsoft’s software and will take effect on March 1, 2022.  For Microsoft customers, this means there will be an increase in Microsoft 365 prices and prices will increase for the following licenses: Microsoft […]

The myths surrounding Bridging Loans - InvestGrow Financial Services

The myths surrounding Bridging Loans

Despite Bridging Finance seeing a growth spurt over the last 12 months as we resurface after the pandemic, there are still some misconceptions that this type of short term loan is only used when you run out of all other options. Although confidence is rising and the product is becoming better understood by a wider […]

New appointment to the InvestGrow team

We are pleased to welcome Amarjeet Rai to the team at InvestGrow Financial Services as our new Business Development Manager. Amarjeet has a wealth of experience in excess of 14 years’ within business development, harnessing relationships and developing key network partners in Property investment, Financing, Public sector and legal services. With a dynamic approach to […]

Financing a new business - InvestGrow Financial Services

Financing a new business

You may have dreamt for years of setting up your own business or maybe just had a sudden idea of a possible, profitable career that is taking over your every waking thought. If now is the time to take the leap, one of your biggest hurdles will be financing a new business .You need to […]