If you’re a property developer, investor or landlord and looking for property development loans you will be pleased to know there is a range of finance options available for you to explore.

Property development is an area that has increased in the last 20 years, and many in the UK have taken this route to achieve an income. What not everyone knows though that if you are involved in this, or are in the building industry, there are ways to access funds for profitable projects.

How much can be borrowed?

Provided the criteria are met, loans are available from £50k upwards to develop and refurbish properties. InvestGrow Financial Services work with many developers to ensure they have the right finance for their project, allowing the client to do what they do best and create beautiful new and refurbished properties for the ever growing demand.


There are significant benefits to taking out property development loans as your business can immediately use the funds to finance the project, which can begin straightaway making your money work for you from day one. These funds can engineer a large part of the property build or renovation, so you can ensure your cash continues to flow allowing suppliers to be paid and any surprises to be accommodated.

The criteria

Talk to us to understand the full range of criteria that need to be met, but they include areas including:

  • All residential Property Types supported – Houses, Terraces, Mews, Flats etc
  • Applications should be supported by good evidence of demand in the local area
  • If properties are to be retained on completion a long-term re-finance option can be provided
  • Mixed use and Commercial Schemes can be supported subject to a demonstrable demand on completion
  • Developments should demonstrate sufficient margin to absorb any possible future reduction in the anticipated Gross Developed Value (GDV) of the project
  • The borrower or proposed main contractor should have a good CV and be able to demonstrate experience in the sector

Loan payments

You will receive the funds in two instalments. One will be when a percentage of the work has been done, and the final one at inspection.

You must be confident that the property will accrue the amount of or more than the loan, this will protect you from having to continue paying the loan after the sale or rental.

How do I apply?

To apply for Property Development Loans please speak to one of our advisors and we can begin the process. Please contact us here or start an instant chat with one of our experts.