Finance to pay outstanding tax arrears - InvestGrow Financial Services

Finance to pay outstanding tax arrears

Almost all businesses will need finance at some point. This could be to cover stock purchases, wage bills or rent or simply to cover short term cash flow issues. Perhaps you failed to budget effectively, or you have been hit by unexpected circumstances? No matter what the case may be, there are options available such […]

How to improve cash flow in your business - InvestGrow Financial Services

How to improve cash flow in your business

The task of maintaining adequate cash flow in any size business is never an easy one and cash flow (or a lack of it) is one of the main reasons why young businesses fail. Running a business is not always about profit and keeping a healthy cash flow running is imperative to growth and success. […]

Hans Chan - InvestGow Financial Services

Hans Chan visits InvestGrow Financial Services

InvestGrow Financial Services had the pleasure of welcoming one of the greatest property educators on TikTok Hans Chan to our Headquarters last week to kick off 2023. Hans creates educational videos on TikTok breaking down all aspects of property investing to his 33k followers. We are excited to be creating some content with Hans to showcase […]

How invoice factoring can help your recruitment agency - InvestGrow Financial Services

How invoice factoring can help your recruitment agency

Despite challenging times ahead next year for businesses with a recession on the horizon, recruitment agencies tend to thrive as company’s require short term temporary staff to fulfil jobs. It’s certainly an opportunity for recruitment agencies to grow and many will prosper by capitalising on the rapid shift towards temporary staffing, but this though can […]

Lending to commercial clients with adverse credit history - InvestGrow Financial Services

Lending to commercial clients with adverse credit history

If you’re a business owner suffering from a poor personal or business credit score, acquiring finance can become extremely challenging but not impossible. Traditionally, business loans were provided by banks, who have a somewhat rigid approach to lending. Fortunately, there are many new lenders who have joined the market and which can adopt a more […]

The benefits of building a property portfolio - InvestGrow Financial Services

The benefits of building a property portfolio

Property is often considered a more flexible investment asset in comparison to others, with it typically requiring less maintenance than stocks and cryptocurrency, whilst offering a lot more variety and options. Whether your focus is capital appreciation or rental income, building and maintaining your investment takes time, commitment, and planning to ensure the benefits of building […]

Desmond Daly - InvestGrow Financial Services Ltd

Desmond Daly joins the InvestGrow Financial Services team

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Desmond Daly, as a Business Development Manager at InvestGrow Financial Services. As an ex independent financial advisor with a long track record of securing equity investment in the £100M’s from his vast network of contacts, Desmond has operated in the property, film and charity sectors. He has […]

Tara Chowdhury appointed - InvestGrow Financial Services

Tara Chowdhury appointed

We are pleased to announce another appointment to the InvestGrow Financial Services team with Tara Chowdhury joining us as an Internal Sales Administrator. Tara who has a background in financial services and data processing will provide invaluable support to our team of consultants processing customer applications and will be based at our new London office.

Simone Sumers - InvestGrow Financial Services

New appointment at InvestGrow Financial Services

We are delighted to officially announce the appointment of Simone Sumers to our team as a Business Development Manager. Simone has a wealth of experience in sales and business development across the Finance Industry and is an expert in e-Sales. Simone will help us grow new and existing business in the UK, focussing primarily in […]