Open For Business – Loans To Get You Started

When buying or starting a new business, there is the potential requirement for property, materials, equipment and other key assets that need to be purchased. InvestGrow Financial Services can help with any finance needed to get you moving from day one.

Raising finance is one of the biggest things that could potentially delay or prevent your business launching, so it makes sense to ensure that your funding plan is in place, and you know exactly how much you are borrowing, and how that will be allocated. Whether you are buying a company that is already trading, or starting a new one, there will be a necessity to obtain finance for not just the purchase, but the running costs.

Outlay costs

Items that may require a financial outlay include:

  • Commercial Mortgages to acquire a trading business
  • Funding available to cover goodwill, fixtures & fittings and VAT bridging loans
  • Secured Business Loans and MBO / MBI arrangements
  • Equipment and Vehicle Leasing for assets valued from £2,000 upwards
  • Invoice Factoring – Specialist schemes for new start and early stage businesses
  • Stock
  • Growth & development


Raising the finance for a start up or new business requires careful planning. Decisions need to be made such as:

  • How much funding is required?
  • How long will the funding be needed?
  • What securities can be provided?

This planning can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful start up, as the budgeting needs to be robust enough to ensure that the funds go as far as they need.

InvestGrow Financial Services can help you to achieve what you need, with a large portfolio of lenders that will be able to provide you with the right loan, at the right rate for your needs, ensuring there is a higher chance of success for your new company.


When taking out a business loan, it is to be expected that this is money you will return to the lender on a scheduled payment plan. Also available are government and charity grants, which you are not expected to repay as their purpose is to help businesses with funding.

There are many grants available within the UK for new businesses, but the amounts offered are to help, not finance your start up. Grants are also dependant on your location as to what is available. We can guide you through what financial commitment that you will need to fund through loans and what are the available grants to you and your new business. Some grants are offered on the basis that you must also invest the equivalent amount in your business to be eligible.

How do I apply?

If you are considering buying or starting a new business speak to one of our advisors and we can begin the process of sourcing funding options for you. Please contact us here, or start an instant chat with one of our experts.