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Pictured above: Akaash Rajput, Managing Director of InvestGrow Financial Services with Paul Rollings, Director, Rollings Electrical.

Let’s make the world green, save lots of money and get financial help along the way…

InvestGrow Financial Services has teamed up with renewable energy specialist Rollings Electrical to help businesses and homeowners save substantial amounts on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint by providing financial options for solar panels, electric car charging points and battery storage.

As climate change takes a stronger hold, the push for more renewable sources of energy has increased dramatically, as many of us consider how we can help. Car manufacturers are phasing out petrol and creating pure electric or hybrid vehicles, power stations are sourcing more renewable energies such as biomass rather than coal, and energy companies are looking at how they produce the energy we need.

The positive financial impact from renewable energy providers a real opportunity for households and businesses across the country to reduce or even eradicate the amount they spend on energy bills utilising renewable energy solutions.

Rollings Electrical are a 5 Star rated family owned renewable energy company and specialists in their field. They are now working with InvestGrow Financial Services to help with the affordability of these new ways of living.

Solar panels and battery storage can ensure that your electricity bills are drastically reduced and provides a way to charge your electric car for free with Rollings Electricals’ superfast vehicle charging points for home and work locations. Storing the energy created from the solar panels in batteries allows a consistent supply of electricity for your needs, even when we have British weather!

InvestGrow Financial Services have teamed with Rollings Electrical to provide finance options on Rollings Electrical products, ensuring that the cost is spread over a period of time but the products can be fitted immediately, making it an attractive proposition for customers.

The products supplied and installed by Rollings Electrical offer a great return on investment (ROI) model and using a finance option mitigates the need to outlay capital into the project. The finance used can then be integrated into the ROI figures on the financial statements.

There are many finance options available to reduce your carbon footprint and save large amounts on energy bills, and InvestGrow Financial Services is working with a large portfolio of lenders to broaden your scope of options.

Akaash Rajput, Managing Director at InvestGrow said: ‘We are delighted to be working with Rollings Electrical as their products will help us all towards reducing the impact we are having on our environment. The financial products we offer will make it possible for these customers to immediately reduce their impact on their energy bills. The Government is heavily investing in these kinds of projects, which demonstrates we are all moving towards more renewable sources of energy.’

InvestGrow Financial Services has a broad range of products available and will work with businesses and all customers in finding the best financial options for them.

For more information, or to speak to one of our specialists, you can contact us here.

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